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You’ll be using boats which will be limited to 4 people and equipped with a 6 horse engine.

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  • For large groups, this Nautic experience can be organized together with buggies, Segway or Camel'Board sessions. Reverse transport will be available midcourse.
Location : Geneva, Annecy, Evian-Les-Bains
Number of people : Up to 24 people for an activity
Access : Depends on the location

An aquatic orienteering exercise

You’ll be using boats which will be limited to 4 people and equipped with a 6 horse engine.

The goal will be to answer the questions of the "Boat Book." Hints will be given at various checkpoints.

You’ll start from the shore (Lake Annecy, Lake Geneva, etc.) where a Boat Book will be given to each team which includes maps, instructions, and questions.

The tour will take the teams to checkpoints hidden in different docks, beaches, and ports.
The types of questions are: bearing compass, azimuth calculations, map reading.
At the end, results will be called out while an (optional) aperitif will be offered.
This rally will take you to spots that are often inaccessible by car. You’ll enjoy beautiful views and scenery from aboard your boats.


If desired, at some checkpoints, a sporting, playful, or gourmet tests can be organized (Things like:  sailor knots contests, mineral water tasting, wind installation, diving, etc).
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