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City orienteering
Multi-activity challenge on the lake
Pasture orienteering
Full-scale cardboard boat building
Movie challenge
Water rally
Multi-transportation rally
Treasure hunt
"Air-earth-water" challenge
Zip lining from the Hilton Hotel roof
Savoie cocktail
Urban orienteering with a digital tablet
City building

Treasure hunt

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  • Depending on the size of the group, a leg of the game can be organized with a buggy.
Location : Multi-sites
Number of people : From 30 people
Access : Depends on the location

Combine action and reflection!

The goal here is to develop your team skills. Participants will need to lend their individual skills to the team (intellectual and physical) to achieve a common goal.
The race HQ will be located in a meeting room (screens and internet connection required)
Team challenge. The goal here is to look for checkpoints spread over a wide area.
Each team consists of two groups:
The "technical and strategic" group called "The Head"
People in the technical and strategic group must discover the location of checkpoints by analyzing maps and hints at HQ. Then, they need to communicate their discoveries with the field.
Each team will have a limited time to provide the information by phone.
 The "athletic" group called "The Legs"
People in the athletic group must find the maximum number of checkpoints according to the information provided by telephone from "The Head" group.
At each checkpoint, the athletic team will discover instructions on how to win more points - by visiting other checkpoints located a little further or a little higher (bonus checkpoints).
Time management and clear communication are important skills here.
Participants will walk/run to reach the different checkpoints. 
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