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Full-scale cardboard boat building

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  • This activity can be organized as part of a "Lake Challenge"
  • A bottle of Génépi will be offered to the winning team
  • Lunch is available if you ever get a bit peckish
Location : Geneva, Evian-Les-Bains, Annecy, Montriond
Number of people : From 30 people
Access : Depends on the location

The goal here is team communication and cohesion. It requires multiple skills.

After a briefing conducted by our host, each team will use the tools and equipment they are provided to make a cardboard boat. Using this boat they will navigate on the water with 2  people.
 Team members will have to work together to conceive and build the boat.
 At this point the team will name two people to be the navigators.


The winning team will be the team whose boat, and whose two navigators, have traveled the longest distance and held on longer before an inevitable sinking!


A short break with traditional Savoyard food is optional.
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